Are you suffering from sleepless nights and feeling lethargic throughout the day from lack of rest? Do you feel yourself ageing pre-maturely? So many people do not get the right amount of sleep and rely on toxic sugary drinks to keep them going throughout the day. If you’re feeling like your youth is slipping away and you’re always exhausted, there is likely a correlation between the two. This is why Purium Super Foods created the Apothe Cherry Concentrate.

This drink is so good that we are giving you a gift card code to try it for free, because we know you will love it.  Instead of a glass of red wine in the evening, why not sip on a little tart cherry juice.  You will wake up feeling a whole lot better!

Here are some of the benefits of taking this tasty formula:

  • Slows premature aging and may be able to reverse it
  • assists in balancing sleep patterns
  • promotes better joint function
  • Assists the body in metabolising uric acid

Made from sour cherries, Purium`s Apothe-Cherry concentrate uses these nutrient rich fruits to provide your body with the antioxidants it needs for you to operate at your most optimal health. Mix it with water half an hour before bed and let yourself slip away into a deep slumber. Nighty Night!

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