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The Amazing Cucumber

The New York Times "Spotlight on the Home" series once published this very useful information for solving everyday problems with the humble but amazing cucumber.  Be sure to plant some in your garden because they are so easy to grow.  Pick them when they are small and...

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Best Green Drink Recipe

Here is a delicious, rejuvenating and nourishing recipe that may help to save on health care expenses down the line, bring down the national debt with a green economy, and honor Mother Earth and the Body Temple all at the same time! Just get into the habit of blending...

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Superfoods vs. Health Care Costs

If we all made an effort to eat healthy sweets like this instead of sugary junk food, our nation's health care costs would be drastically reduced! Spirulina has been proposed by both NASA and the European Space Agency as one of the primary foods to be cultivated...

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