Going vegan can seem like a daunting thing if you have a SAD (Standard American Diet) of meat and dairy products, but it really isn’t as difficult as you may think. Vegan diets are healthy for you, your bank account and the environment, so going vegan is a win all around. Being vegan can be the foundation of a joyous and energetic lifestyle!  But, you may be thinking – how do I move into a new way of thinking, eating and living, and keep those unconscious habits and sneaky meat cravings at bay? Read our top tips on how to go vegan below.


Here are our top 5 tips on how to go vegan and never look back:


1. Start small – going vegan is not a diet fad, it is a lifestyle and holistic shift to being a healthier, happier you. Rather than eliminating all animal products at once, do it in steps. How much you cut out at one time is up to you. If you eat animal products every day, try to cut back to only a couple times a week, or lose red meat first, then all meat, then move from too much dairy, to just a little dairy every once in a while.

2. Be kind to yourself – you are on a new adventure into a higher level of existence.  Don’t be so dogmatic that it’s not fun.  If you go vegan, chances are you will likely take a step backwards every once in a while as you create your new lifestyle.  If eating a small amount of dairy helps prevent you from eating meat, then it’s a much better alternative and you shouldn’t worry about it.  After all, it is written in the ancient yoga books of India that the sacred cow came down from heaven for the benefit of all created beings, that cows are equal to the rays of the sun that travel through the universe giving light, warmth and nourishment, and cows should be lovingly cared for and protected with great honor and respect.  Let us appreciate that cows give us abundance and happiness, and feed us all with their milk, yogurt, butter and cheese.  Cows are like our mothers giving us strength and nourishment, and offering us their selfless service by giving us so much without asking for anything in return.  We can make it a beautiful ritual to treat ourselves with a little organic dairy, and say thank you for the wonderful life and positive prana that we have been given by happy cows grazing on the pasturelands.  Holy Cow!  Enjoy a little dairy!

3. Join groups for support – Vegans are incredibly supportive to people that are open to their lifestyle and there are numerous groups that will offer support and tips to members.  If you are having trouble reducing your cravings for meat, you can check out the meat substitutes that PETA suggests.  And be sure to click through to their other interesting articles to inspire us to consider veganism. You can also join Paul McCartney and his Meat Free Monday campaign. He knows what’s going on!

4. Supplement your diet – most people are deficient in nutrients in this day and age.  If you aren’t able to access enough leafy greens or you don’t like beans, it can be tricky to eat enough of the right foods when going vegan.  So it is absolutely imperative to use supplements to ensure that you get the right amount of nutrients.  We must use the highest quality organic and non-GMO supplements to counteract depleted soil, and to build up resistance to environmental pollutants.  But it’s easy going vegan and being fully nourished when you eat and drink superfoods.  Try having a superfood smoothie every morning and you will feel full, content, and nourished.  Once you begin feeling remarkably more energetic and clearheaded from nature’s most powerful foods, you will never look back to that SAD diet you gave up.  The creator of Purium Superfoods, David Sandoval – is well aware of the struggles people face when going vegan and that’s why Purium products include only safe, organic, non-GMO ingredients.  Here is a $50 gift card for anyone that wants to go vegan or live a healthier lifestyle. Just click the yellow button in the box below to get yours.

5. Honor life – respect the life you have been given, and the life of all living beings.  Live in harmony with nature.  Eat health giving plant based foods to fill yourself with positive energy.  Read how the practice of yoga philosophy can protect your health and the environment of our planet.

Go vegan!

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