For fifty years I have dreamed of being self sufficient on a plot of land. Since we recently got solar power panels installed, we are almost there. Just a minor detail is that we have no house, since it burned down. Our ground array is on the sunny, south-facing hillside just down from the spot where we will rebuild. The panels are low enough on the hill so they will not block our view, and perhaps with a few blueberry bushes to the north of the panels, they won’t be visible at all from the house. We have our temporary trailer run by solar, and we are¬†planning our straw bale house. Don’t worry about the big bad wolf blowing it down because straw bale houses can last more than a hundred years, besides being energy efficient, cool in the summer, warm in the winter, fireproof, quiet, inexpensive, and beautiful when finished with earthen plaster. I have stayed¬†focused on my dream, and detail by detail, it is becoming reality.


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